Getting creative and doing a fun craft project is great. It allows you to express yourself, lets you destress, and gives you something to show off once you’re done.

But… there’s a lot more that goes into it. You’re going to be left with a huge mess. The excitement of finishing an ambitious project can quickly go away after seeing a huge mess. The dread of having to clean everything up might even discourage you from doing another project anytime soon.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to make clean-up at least a little bit easier.

1. Prepare Your Workspace

The best way to clean up a mess is to not have a mess in the first place. Planning ahead and preparing your workspace is a good way to achieve this. 

Before you start your project, take the time to clear off your work surface and get all your supplies ready. This will help you avoid searching for supplies in the middle of your project. It’ll also stop you from making a mess by trying to find things quickly and leaving your storage spaces unorganized.

Try to make a list of the materials and tools you’ll be needing for your project. Having everything you need within easy reach will make your space a lot cleaner.

You could even have a tray or container nearby. It can hold your supplies once you’re done so that they’re not scattered everywhere.

A set of tidy and clean art suplies sit on a desk.

2. Use Protective Coverings

Keeping your craft surface clean is almost impossible. Especially if you’re working with glue or paint. That’s why it’s important to cover up your surface so that it’s not permanently stained.

You can use mats or butcher paper to protect your surface. Even garbage bags will get the job done.

These coverings could easily be picked up and thrown away once you’re done working on your project.

Something else to consider: Gloves!

Wearing disposable gloves during crafts can prevent you from accidentally getting paint or glue on something. Your hands will also appreciate the protection.

These gloves on Amazon are perfect. They come in a set of 100 and are comfortable to move and work in. Throw them away after craft time is over.

3. Take Frequent Clean-Up Breaks

Cleaning up after crafting could be exhausting. It seems never ending. The huge mess could be unmotivating and stressful.

To prevent a huge mess at the end, simply take more frequent clean-up breaks. This’ll make clean-ups less daunting and stressful.

It might be hard to take yourself out of the creative flow, so fit in clean-up breaks whenever you can.

4. Keep Trash and Recycling Bins Nearby

Keeping trash and recycling bins or bags near you could make cleaning up a part of the creative flow. Having them in your arm’s reach could make it really simple to properly dispose of whatever you don’t need.

5. Invest in Storage

Having a clean craft space is hard if you don’t have proper storage. Neatly and logically storing your supplies will make crafting and cleaning up easy.

Investing in a good storage cabinet with plenty of drawers is a smart way to stay neat and organized.

Keep similar items together. Everything will have its place and finding what you need will soon become muscle memory.

It’s a good idea to label your drawers. This will make it simpler to find what you need and it’ll look neater.

6. Perform Regular Deep Cleans

Doing everything on this list will keep your space a lot cleaner, but things will always slip through the cracks. You won’t have a perfectly clean room if you don’t do regular deep cleans.

A hand using a pink rag to clean a desk is wiping the surface of a craft area clean.

Set aside an hour or two once a month to thoroughly clean everything. You’ll really appreciate the clean space and it’ll inspire you to create more.


Having a clean space is essential to the creative process. It opens up your mind and allows you to think clearly and happily. Clutter only becomes distracting.