It’s only natural to want good memories to last forever. You can’t freeze a moment and relive it over again, but you can get pretty close. Photos are an amazing way to keep special memories alive and close to your heart.

You can keep track of your favorite memories and relive them as much as you’d like with scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a great way to keep your photos organized while adding an extra creative touch to them.

Here are 9 scrapbooking supplies you need to create beautiful pages that come to life. Click on the blue text to be taken to an Amazon page that has a great, affordable option of the supplies you need.

1. Scrapbooking Binder

You need something to actually hold everything in. A binder is special since it’s protecting everything inside.

Binders are a simple yet effective way to organize all of your pictures. Binders come in a variety of sizes and styles, so finding one that speaks to you won’t be too difficult. Some binders are even designed especially for scrapbooking.

When you choose a binder, make sure to take note of the size. You’re going to need paper that’ll fit just right with the binder.

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2. Paper

You’re going to need paper to paste everything onto. High-quality paper is important for scrapbooking since it serves as the base for your creative touches.

Sturdy paper will be able to serve as the foundation for photos, embellishments, and other elements. It’s important to consider the size, texture, and weight of your scrapbook pages. Above all else, it’s important that the size of the paper fits correctly with the binder.

You can choose from a variety of different colors. It’s best to keep it simple for your first scrapbook and just go with plain white. Once you’re more experienced, picking out a color palette and sticking to it could be very rewarding.\ \ You should also put some thought into the weight of the paper. Lightweight paper is perfect for layering and adding embellishments, but it might not be sturdy enough to support a lot of decorations or use. Heavier paper is more supportive, but it could add bulk to your scrapbook.

Acid-free paper is essential for scrapbooking so that your photos don’t get damaged, either.

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3. Page Protectors

Protecting your work is important. Page protectors are designed to fit over paper and provide protection against spills, tears, dirt, dust, and wear.\ \ There are two main types of paper protectors: top-loading and side-loading. Top-loading protectors open from the top, making it easy to insert scrapbook pages. Side-loading protectors open from the side and offer a bit more security from dust but you might have to remove the whole thing from the binder in order to tweak the page.

Most protectors fit standard sheets of paper, so make sure that you’re getting a size that fits the paper you have for your scrapbook.

Also consider the thickness of the protectors. Thicker protectors offer more protection but can be bulky and uncomfortable to flip through. Thinner protectors offer the same general protection but are more prone to tearing.

Page protectors are essential to keeping your work protected. Check out these page protectors on Amazon.

4. Decorations

Adding personality to your scrapbook will bring it to life! Any old photo album could hold your pictures in one convenient place, but a scrapbook is special because of the chance for creativity.

There are tons of decorations out there that’ll be perfect in your scrapbook. Ribbons, buttons, stickers, stamps, and more.

A great idea is to use a date stamp to help you remember when special events happened. Including the date a photo was taken can really take you down memory lane when looking through the scrapbook in the future. Click here for a date stamp that’ll look awesome on any page.

Stickers can be an awesome way to fill up blank space.

Patterned paper is something else that you might want to experiment with. It could be great for quickly making the background of the page look colorful.

You can get creative and include things like buttons or ribbons on the page. Inserting them into the page protector is an easy way to get them on the page.

5. Glue

Glue is one of the most essential scrapbooking supplies. Glue serves as the backbone for scrapbooking. It’s the best adhesive for attaching photos and other elements to your pages.\ \ It’s important that your glue is acid-free. Acid-free glue won’t damage your photos overtime and ruin your memories.\ \ Glue can also attach rhinestones or gems to paper. This is great for decorating your scrapbook.

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6. Pens

Pens are another must-have tool for scrapbooking. They allow you to add captions to your photos. They can even be used for journaling! Writing down your exact thoughts about a photo can let you better reflect on the memory later on.

Any pen you use on your scrapbook should be acid-free and archival. These types of pens won’t damage your photos or bleed through the paper. Nothing is worse than ink that fades and bleeds.

There are many different options out there, but we like this one best for beginners. Click here to check out a set of pens that any scrapbooker would love.

7. Scissors

Scissors are important scrapbooking supplies. They let you cut and shape paper, photos, and other materials to create unique designs for your pages. There are a lot of different types of scissors used for scrapbooking.

Some scissors have decorative edges. When you cut into the paper, these scissors leave a pattern on the paper. Some common ones are wavy and zig-zag edges. 

Paper trimmers are seen as an essential for some scrapbookers. You can cut the whole length of a piece of paper with one simple cut. Some paper trimmers include rulers, making it easy to do precise cuts.

The most versatile tool for cutting is craft scissors. These are the classic scissors that we all know. A good pair is able to cut paper, ribbon, and even fabric. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your scissors should be comfortable since you’re going to be using them a lot.

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8. Hole Punch

Some paper doesn’t come with holes along the edge. If you’re going to be putting the holes directly into a binder, then you might need a hole punch.\ \ Use a hole punch to… punch holes into paper. This will let you insert the paper into a binder. You might not need a hole punch if you’re going to insert the paper into a page protector with holes.\ \ This hole punch is comfortable and effective.

9. Ruler

A ruler is important for making exact measurements and making straight cuts. 

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What are the benefits of scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a great way to keep memories alive. Having photos in one convenient spot makes it easy to sit down with friends and family and flip through the years. Scrapbooking is especially rewarding after some time has passed and you’re feeling nostalgic.

Scrapbooking has also been proven to be good for your mental health. Taking some time to yourself to sit and work on making pretty pages is relaxing. You can relieve stress by scrapbooking.

Do I need a lot of scrapbooking supplies?

The supplies for scrapbooking on this list are all helpful. If you’re on a budget, then consider leaving out the more decorative aspect of scrapbooking.

Where can I find scrapbooking supplies online?

You can find scrapbooking supplies at craft stores and their websites, Amazon, and local retailers!

We found some of the best supplies for scrapbooking on the web and linked them all here. This list should have everything you need, but if there’s something you’re missing then a trip to the craft store wouldn’t hurt.


Now that you have all the scrapbooking supplies you could ask for, you’re ready to start! Remember that a great scrapbook takes time. Try focusing on a page or two at a time.

The beauty of scrapbooking comes from keeping your memories alive.