Landscaping is the art of maintaining an outside space through the care of plants, terrain, and structures. Doing your own landscaping can save you a lot of money. Plus, it’s very rewarding to see the fruits of your labor everyday.

If you want to have a beautiful outdoor space, then you’re going to need to put in some effort and invest in some landscaping supplies. 

Here are 7 landscaping supplies you need in your shed.

1. Shovels and Spades

Shovels and spades are some of the most important tools for any landscaper. They’re designed to move large amounts of soil or dirt.

Shovels are bigger and are supposed to be used with two hands. Landscapers need shovels to move a lot of dirt or soil quickly. Moving dirt around is a big part of landscaping.

\ Spades are smaller hand-held tools that are best used for more precise work. A spade could dig small holes.

There are different types of spades and shovels. Beginner landscapers should stick to the basics and branch out once they better understand their needs.

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2. String Trimmer

A string trimmer (also referred to as the copyrighted term “weed wacker”) is an essential tool for maintaining a clean lawn. Grass gets messy very quickly. Using a string trimmer can make the outline of your lawn clean, tidy, and organized.

Someone is using a string trimmer on grass.

These tools can trim grass and weeds in hard-to-reach areas like around trees, along fences, and under bushes.

There are two types of string trimmers available: gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered trimmers run on gas and are typically more powerful. They require more maintenance and emit fumes, however. Electric trimmers are quieter but they might be less powerful and have limited battery life. You might not care too much about a shorter battery life if you’re just going to do some personal lawn maintenance.

Your string trimmer should be comfortable to hold and handle. They can be dangerous if you lose hold of them. They shouldn’t be too heavy to hold, either. This might make it difficult to maneuver the trimmer around your yard.

Invest in a string trimmer to keep your lawn clean and tidy all year long.

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3. Pruning Shears

Shears are sharp scissor-like tools that can cut plants, leaves, and shrubs. They’re essential landscaping supplies for keeping an area well-groomed. While the string trimmer cleans things up on the ground, shears can make everything else look tidy.

Plants and other shrubbery are always going to try and take over your garden. Using shears to routinely cut them is a good idea.

There are different types of shears, but pruning shears are the most versatile. They’re handheld tools that are easy to handle. Once you get a better understanding of where to apply different types of shears around your yard, you can branch out and invest in different types of shears.

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4. Rake

We all love having beautiful trees that are full of leaves. That is, until those leaves start falling off. Your yard is going to be taken over by leaves that are absolutely everywhere.

A rake is being pulled with leaves trapped by the tines

Using a rake is a great way to clean up the mess after leaves start falling. Rakes are tools consisting of a row of metal or wooden teeth attached to a long handle. These tines are designed to gather leaves.

You can also use rakes to gather debris, grass clippings, and more.

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5. Hose and Sprinkler

Keeping the grass hydrated is important for your land’s long-term health. Watering everything consistently and correctly could be a challenge without the right landscaping supplies. A high-quality hose and sprinkler could make the task a lot easier.

When choosing a hose, look for one that’s durable and easy to maneuver. A comfortable hose can make watering less of a chore.

You’re also going to need a sprinkler. There are different types of sprinklers. Some are better suited for watering large areas whereas some are better for watering a small flower bed. Oscillating sprinklers are amazing for beginner landscapers as they can cover a larger area.

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6. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a great tool for any landscaper. You can use them to move your tools around or to haul soil, dirt, and compost. When choosing a wheelbarrow, it’s important to choose one that’s sturdy and spacious.

A wheelbarrow stands in the middle of a lush garden with a shovel and rake leaning against it. The wheelbarrow has a lot of leaves in it.

There are two types of wheelbarrows available: single-wheel and dual-wheel. Single-wheel wheelbarrows are easier to move around, which makes them better for lighter loads. Dual-wheel wheelbarrows are sturdier and can support more weight.

When driving your wheelbarrow, try to keep both hands on the handles at all times. Try to evenly balance the weight that you put on it, too. Nothing is worse than your wheelbarrow tipping over! It creates a huge mess that could have easily been prevented with more careful planning.

With the right wheelbarrow, you’ll be able to take on any heavy-duty landscaping task.

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7. Gardening Gloves

Landscaping can definitely take a toll on your hands. You’re constantly doing heavy-duty work. Not to mention the thorns, dirt, and debris. If you don’t protect yourself, you could cut or injure your hands very quickly.

It’s important to wear gardening gloves to protect yourself from the dangers of landscaping. Plus, gloves could provide extra grip and support when handling tools and plants.

There are many different types of gardening gloves. Some of them are made with materials including leather, cotton, synthetic leather, and more. Some of them could have reinforced thumbs or palms and others might not. Your gloves should have extra palm coating to provide you with extra grip.

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Now that you know all about some different landscaping supplies, you’re ready to start! Landscaping could be very tiresome and intimidating at first, but stick to it. It’s very rewarding to see your space come to life.