Arts and crafts are a great way to sharpen the minds of children and allow them to think creatively. In this list, we’re going to go over 24 must-have craft supplies for kids. All of these supplies are affordable and easy to use.\ \ Click on the blue words to be taken to an affordable and high-quality item on Amazon that your kids will love. We’ll try to keep everything on this list under $20 but we’ll let you know if anything goes over that!

The Essential Craft Supplies for Kids

It’s a good idea to give your kids the most basic and essential craft supplies and see what they like best. They might take an interest in drawing or painting or doing stuff with Play-Doh. Try to encourage them to try everything!

There are different types of crafts for kids but some essential supplies are needed for everything

But you’re going to need some essential craft supplies that almost every project will need:

Pencils. Pencils are an essential to marking any craft and drawing. This set includes a variety of different pencils so that you can get the best one for the job. Most pencils include an eraser on the tip but feel free to invest in a bigger one for bigger mistakes.

A ruler. Learning how to measure is an important skill. Rulers are also a great way to guide the pencil for straight lines.

Washable finger paint. Most kids want to try out painting. This finger paint is easy to use and safe for kids. The Crayola finger paint we’ve linked is a bit over $20 but there are more affordable options at dollar stores!

Paper. You’re going to use paper for almost everything. From planning out a project to using it for the project itself. We’ll talk more about the different types of paper later and what they can mean for a craft project. 

Scissors. Safety scissors are awesome for introducing your children to risk management. Most craft projects include some sort of cutting so a pair of scissors should be kept in a safe spot.

Glue. A lot of craft projects involve gluing something together. We’ve linked a great option that is non-toxic, washable, and quick to work! Kids will be able to use this glue by themselves and without creating a huge mess. It works on most surfaces. If you want to pick out another option, make sure to read the label carefully to see if it’s safe for kids.

Crayons or colored pencils. Colors are important for making the project look awesome! Crayons are a safer option than colored pencils but pencils are better for more detailed work.

Pencils, scissors, and glue are necessary for most crafting projects.

Craft Supplies for Painting

Painting is messy and fun. It could make your kid feel like a real artist. Here are some of the best painting supplies for kids.

essential crafting supplies for painting

Paint brushes. We’ve linked to an option that includes multiple different brushes. 

Kid’s paint. This washable option is great for keeping things clean (or as clean as they can be with paint).

Cups or jars. Any old cup or jar will work. Just something to keep some water in!

An easel. This will really make children feel like real painters! They do run a little bit pricey but this one is only around $25.

There’s a lot more that goes into painting but these are only the absolute must-haves!

Craft Supplies for Creating Ambitious 3D Projects

It’s very beneficial for children to do any type of crafts, but when they try to make something that can stand on its own and pop out to the eye—then their problem-solving skills are really tested and developed.

These are some essential craft supplies for making those special ambitious projects.

Play-Doh. Seemingly just a toy, but it could be used for so much more. It’s great on its own for creating ambitious crafts but it could also be used as a modeling tool. Play-Doh is a great tool for helping your kids visualize 3D spaces and plan out their crafts.

Pipe cleaners. They don’t seem too helpful, but kids are creative. Give them the weirdest tools and watch them go! These pipe cleaners come in varying colors and are easy to use and cut.

Craft sticks. These are awesome for propping things up and for use as decoration!

Yarn. Any old yarn should work. If you knit yourself then don’t be afraid to share. Any crafter would appreciate some yarn!

Stickers. A great way to help kids develop fine motor skills. They’re also easy to take off.

Glitter. Messy but a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like a little sparkle?

Felt.This soft cloth is fun to use on crafts. Cutting them up is a bit difficult with safety scissors so be ready to help out or just give an extensive safety lesson on normal scissors!

Paper and Other Bases

Here are some different types of paper and bases for crafts.

Construction paper. Very versatile. Be careful with paper cuts!

Tissue paper. Very versatile and safe to use!

Canvases. For painting! This set includes multiple, a lot of craft stores sell them individually.

Cardboard. Any cardboard around the house should work. Finished toilet paper roll? Sure. Pizza box? Why not (after a rinse). Amazon delivery box? Absolutely!

For Keeping Clean

Crafts are great and so is helping your children express their creativity. But the mess isn’t so great. Here are some things to keep the space clean.

Trash bags. Larger trash bags could be laid out across the work surface and simply picked up once everything is done.

Construction paper. Just lay it out and wait for the project to be completed. Once it’s all wrapped up, pick up the paper and slide everything into a trash bin.

Why Do Kids Need Craft Supplies?

Crafting is a great way for kids to express themselves and practice their fine motor skills. Kids have the chance to explore their ideas and express them with more than words.

Crafting is also great for a kid’s development. They get to refine their fine motor skills by carefully handling tools and supplies. This expands their problem-solving skills as they get to face small problems firsthand and come up with a solution for it. They might want to create a specific shape and have to find a way to get it done.

Crafting is a great way for kids to learn and express themselves

Schools use crafting as a way to teach children about different concepts such as shapes, colors, and patterns. They could even learn about more complex concepts such as math, history, and science.

Where Can I Store Crafting Supplies for Kids?

Storage is important for keeping your workspace clean. Once kids get their hands on craft supplies, they’re going to be very excited about it. It’s important to establish rules for staying organized, safe, and clean.

storage bins and containers are great for keeping the craft space clean

Storage bins are a great way to keep the chaos under control. A few labellers should help everyone understand where everything goes, but be ready to help out and step in with the clean-up.